VidCommissions Review and Bonuses



$47 to $197








  • Helps with list building
  • No need to Create your Own Videos
  • DFY features


  • Not sure it's ethical

VidCommissions is another Done-For-You” Video Profit Sites Builder, Pre-Loaded With Other Peoples Money Making Videos & Content!

Well that’s the sales blurb anyway.

Here’s a view from inside.

The View inside of Vid-Commissions

This makes it so much easier for you to build a lead capture website fast. Instantly turn other peoples Video’s into your own Personal Source of Free Traffic, Leads & Sales.

Once you make your site easily share it across social sites with the click of a button to get free traffic.

Click and Share

I’ve been playing around inside VidCommissions members area and unlike Video Site Maker this doesn’t make an entire blog.

It creates a decent opt-in page and thank you page and a small membership site that you populate with a bunch of YouTube videos based on the niche you are in.

I don’t know how ethical it is to charge people to watch YouTube videos created by others that they can see for free.

All you have done is gathered them together into one niche topic. That’s something I do anyway just by subscribing to my favourite Vloggers.

I’m going to call this as a no go, do not try.

Spend your money on something better. I was going to get an affiliate link but I’ve decided I don’t want to promote this product. If you want to see it for yourself it goes live soon click here. (not an affiliate link)

If you do buy it come back and let us all know what you though of it.

Was I right or wrong?

About the bonuses. I wrote the title thinking I was going to promote this but after playing around with the product I decided not to promote it but I left the title as is.

Hopefully, it gets more clicks that way and I can save people some money.
Cheers Rod

PS: There is a way you could use this ethically. Similar to Aurora that launched a while back.

You would still need to send people to a sign-up page. Once in they watch videos you’ve selected from a marketer, preferably one where the marketer promotes their own course then you use the buttons to link to their course through your affiliate link.

You can also create and display banner ads that can link to a product through your affiliate link.

I don’t think this is for beginners more like an intermediate skilled marketer. Well, that’s it for my VidCommissions Review.
Good Luck!

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