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Traffic Power Profits by Barb Ling and Dennis Becker

What is TPP?

TTP or Traffic Power Profits is a Course on getting free traffic to your website or offer Using 120+ Free Traffic Techniques and it is delivered to you in the form of a 40+ page eBook & video and membership to their website.

You don’t have to spend hours watching long-winded videos to find out how to use this system. Read through the eBook pick a method then master it then move onto your next favourite method and master that.

By the time you get a few methods mastered and working you will be a traffic pro with people coming to you for advice.
It’s the cost of a coffee and muffin and there Is A 100% Guarantee. So You Risk Nothing. It’s on a dime sale at Warrior Plus so the quicker you get it the cheaper it will be.

Traffic Power Profits is for?

If you have little to no experience in online affiliate marketing, you will learn 120+ ways how to drive free traffic methods to your websites or offers before wasting your hard-earned cash on buying traffic.

Sure, Paid traffic is superior but with a little knowledge and tenacity, you can use some of these free methods to kick things off and test your idea out before ramping things up by paying for traffic.

With Traffic Power Profits
You will learn techniques for using …

  • Quora,
  • Tumblr,
  • Instagram,
  • Linkedin,
  • Twitter,
  • Quuu,
  • Pinterest,
  • Instagram,
  • Facebook & FB groups
  • QR Codes

to name a few.

Also Discover…

  • 40+ Unique Uses of WordPress (You can drive quality traffic to whichever ones you implement!
  • 125+ FREE Ways To Attract Converting Traffic (worth the price of admission alone)

FREE Resources for Putting YOUR Own Traffic-Worthy Content Online.

Why your own domain can make all the difference.

The BEST ways to create an Unforgettable Domain Name that Appeals to Traffic Visitors the tools for this are free!

The Most OPTIMAL ways to profit online… and how to find out what works for *you*!

40+ different ways to profit with WordPress with direct links to ALL 40+ Examples!

125+ Ways to Drive Free Traffic waiting for you!

Here’s a Free List of Techniques for Visiting My Site

  • Add QR codes to your print materials like postcards, flyers
  • Add your local address to the footer of every page on your site to make sure local searchers find you
  • Add Share Triggers To Your Content
  • Post On Social Media at Strategic Times
  • Claim your Google My Business listing
  • Comment on other blogs relevant to your industry
  • Contact your local news station to submit yourself as an expert in your field or industry resource
  • Create a press kit you can share with influencers and bloggers
  • Create an official email signature with your website in it
  • Create e-brochures with links to your site and blog
  • Create infographics that feature a roundup of industry statistics
  • Start a newsletter and incentivize signups with offers and discounts
  • Educate your audience instead of selling to them
  • Entice customers with an exclusive deal that can be redeemed on your store
  • Find the core keywords that match your industry
  • Get more traffic from your blog posts with a content transformation
  • Go On Podcasts
  • Host a giveaway contest
  • Get known as THE expert in your niche
  • Consider refreshing your website redesign to drum up interest when relaunching it
  • Improve your websites page speeds by following Googles guidelines and recommendations
  • Invest in video content and upload your videos to YouTube
  • Invest time in influencer outreach
  • Join discussions on Facebook Groups to generate visibility
  • Join online discussions on sites like Quora and Reddit and answer questions
  • Launch a free ebook to generate interest in your brand
  • Leave comments on other social media pages
  • Leverage social media contests on Instagram
  • Link your official social media channels with one another
  • Look for guest posting opportunities to get high-authority blogs to link to your site
  • Apply to public speaking engagements in your industry
  • Make sure your website is optimized for mobile
  • Make sure your website looks great on all devices
  • Monitor Google Trends for related trends you can write about
  • Offer free gifts to in-store customers and add material to promote your site
  • Optimize your content with LSI keywords
  • Optimize for Googles mobile-first index
  • Optimize your website and all of your on-page content for search engines
  • Overhaul & upgrade old blog posts
  • Pay attention to what your competitors are doing and do something they overlooked so you stand out
  • Promote Blog Posts and Videos on Quuu
  • Promote your content on social media channels
  • Publish long-form content
  • Publish viral content
  • Remember to market your website across all online channels you own
  • Answer relevant questions on Quora you can create content about
  • Send direct mail and place your URL on letters
  • Share Videos On LinkedIn
  • Start a blog on Tumblr
  • Start a referral network
  • Start an Instagram account and make sure your bio contains a CTA for your site
  • Support a local charity by sponsoring a fun run or donating part of your proceeds to a cause
  • Syndicate your content on Medium
  • Take advantage of classified ads in your local paper
  • Take advantage of user-generated content through contests or competitions
  • Use the Content Relaunch Strategy
  • Try promoted tweets to fast-track traffic to your site
  • Use Facebook and Instagram Stories to engage your audience and raise brand awareness
  • Use Pinterest to upload high-quality images of your products
  • Use a Question Analyzer To create insanely useful content
  • Use rich snippets to make your entry on the search engine results pages more clickable
  • Use Click to Tweet Links
  • Write an online-offline column for your local magazine

Traffic Power Profits is a really good course for the newbie to intermediate Affiliate Marketer.  It will help you get up to speed with what others are already doing online to earn commissions.
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