StealtHD Review

Product Claim

 For the first time ever, Turn Emails Into Passive Income Without a List… Without an Auto-responder… Without Monthly Fees…

NB: Sounds good but remember you do have to pay for advertising and if you are a newbie then chances are high you will suck at making adverts that convert.

What is StealtHD?

A course on how to run ads on Gmail. The sales page says “no email marketing” but in a sense you are marketing or Gmail marketing through email, just running ads instead of sending emails.

Who is it for.

Aimed at beginner to intermediate marketers.

StealtHD Course Menu

What problem does it solve

This provides a way for Beginners with no list to email offers to people.

What is included in the offer?

6 video lessons as the above pic shows for $ 12.95.

Upgrades and OTOs

Upgrade 1 ($197) – Limitless Traffic for 365 Days.
Upgrade 2 ($37): “Advanced” Stealthd Strategies
Upgrade 3 ($197) – “$1000 Commissions Solution”
Upgrade 4 ($67) The “Done For You” Option. 10 High Converting Funnels.
Upgrade 5 ($97) – Licence Rights

My Humble Opinion.
Stealthd is a great method that will show you exactly how to get targeted traffic without a list of any kind. This works for any niche but the example Jono goes over is in the internet marketing niche.

The problem is when I logged into my Gmail account there were no ads running. Also, I rarely log in to Gmail anyway as I use Thunderbird email client to download emails to my desktop. I wonder how many others do similar.

On the plus side, I see Yahoo mail does always have ads running at the top so you could transfer your skills to advertise with Yahoo mail.
But still, I can’t remember ever clicking on an Ad in Yahoo either.

I got the course for free as a bonus for buying Aurora from Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace. I have watched all of the videos but don’t have any play money to give it a go just yet. I actually would like to try it as Advertising on Google will be around for a long time yet.

Also, I don’t have an affiliate link for StealtHD.  If you are shopping around for bonuses like I used to do. Then you have the wrong mindset. Bonuses just distract you from the main product. You will end up getting nowhere and the next shiny object gets your hard-earned money yet again and then off you go down another internet marketing rabbit hole.

Don’t buy this course or any other course or product for that matter unless it really solves a problem that you are currently struggling with.

If you really want to see the sales page and what bonuses Jono has for you then click this link to StealtHD

Best of luck, let me know if you give it ago and make any money.

PS: I’m using the plugin “Pretty Links” to count the clicks from this page not to mask an affiliate link.
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I’m learning blogging and affiliate marketing from Savage Affiliates version 2.0 see my review.

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