Start a WordPress Blog This Weekend.

Start a WordPress Blog This Weekend.

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There are a lot of places online to start a blog for free but you have little control over those so I’m assuming you are here to Start a WordPress Blog that YOU control and most likely you are hoping to generate some income from it or maybe get some sort of message out to the world or else why would you spend the time and money.
It really only takes about 15 mins to start a blog, from then on it’s an endless process of writing and refining, tweaking themes and getting traffic (visitors) to your blog.
You will need …

  • A Domain Name
  • A Web-Host

These can be purchased from separate companies or from the same company. The Choice is yours.

NB: I prefer keeping all my domain names at a registrar separate from my hosting. The reason is I have moved hosting multiple times and I’ve bought and sold domain names or just let them expire. I find it much easier to keep the names at one place and do what ever with the hosting somewhere else. It’s quite a hassle to shift a domain name to a different registrar.

So the Short answer is

  • Buy a Domain name from place (A),
  • Get hosting from place (B),
  • Point the domain name in your registrar settings at place (A) to the hosting at place (B).
  • Install WordPress through the control panel on your hosting account at place (B).
  • Make some basic adjustments to the blog settings including picking a theme to create the appearance of your site and installing Back-up and Security plugins.
  • Then blog away.

Before we pick a domain name though get a piece of paper and write down what the niche or subject of your blog is about. Evergreen subjects are Health – Wealth – Relationships – Hobbies – Personal Development. Then you will need to drill down into one of these subjects to find your niche. Here’s a site with a big list of 150 niches if you haven’t yet decided.

Everyone will tell you to pick a subject that you are interested in that people are known to spend money in. That’s good advice because you will need to spend a lot of time researching and writing. It can take a year to earn an income from a blog if you are doing this properly for the long-term.

If you want to earn and burn your website then money can come in faster by using what is called “Grey Hat” and “Black Hat” methods. These will get your site possibly earning faster but they will also get flagged by search engines for using dubious methods. From then on you will have to buy traffic or just end that website and start another. I have 2 blogs on different subjects and I’m blogging for the long term so that’s what I teach.

Years ago Domain names used to be a big deal we all wanted a dot com and we still do for the most part but we also wanted an exact match domain name. So if your blog was weight-loss your domain name would reflect that. Now it doesn’t matter as much but still helps if you can get a name related to your niche. You could use your own name as I have on this blog and brand yourself. Many people do this.

Now we need to buy a domain name (actually you are really just renting the name by the year) from a reputable registrar. They can also be your hosting company depending on what deals you can find online at the moment. In my situation, I buy domain names from Crazy Domains (Australia) they now have a New Zealand presence where I live as well as a site for the Philippines.

Crazy domains are not necessarily the best registrar but they certainly aren’t the worst. I find their prices are competitive for me and the domain name management area of the site is simple and easy to use.

To help find a good name you can search online for idea generators but I often go to lean domain search 

Link to Lean Domain Search


Now use a company like or or search for one that you prefer some hosting plans will give you a free domain name with your plan.
NB: Just watch out for the small print.
Often Registrar’s and Hosting companies give you a good deal for the first year then they go full price after that.

So check the rebilling price for year 2 and beyond.

Now you need to get hosting for your website, you can sometimes use the same company you registered the domain name with if their hosting is a good price. They all change their deals so you really need to shop around and compare prices. A lot of people recommend BlueHost and yes they are okay. These days in 2018 you also need a secure website so Bluehost now offers free SSL. I have this site and my other one hosted at

My reason is, it was a good price at the time and I get hosting for 3 websites not 1 and a free SSL certificate for each site.

Note – you need SSL these days to make your site secure otherwise web browsers will flag your site and stop people going to it, plus you get a little more search engine love for using SSL. That’s what makes your HTTP part of your site address change to HTTPS for secure and you’ll see the padlock symbol in the address bar of your browser.

By now you’ve received emails from the registrar and/or hosting company with instructions for you to follow.

If you get stuck I have a free course that walks you through, name server settings, installing WordPress, setting up WordPress with Security and Blog back-up and some other plugins you may need.
Just sign up below and I’ll get you going with the tech stuff.

(TIP: It’s actually quite simple to do once someone shows you.)

🙂 Rod

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