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A Review of Savage Affiliates 1.0 from a Current Member

Please Note Savage Affiliates 1.0 has been upgraded to Version 2.0 please read my review of Savage Affiliates 2.0 here


So what do you get inside Franklin Hatchett’s “Savage Affiliates” Membership?

Well, you get 9 Modules with well over 100 short easy to digest videos covering a wide range of topics to do with affiliate marketing. Some of the videos cover the usual stuff you read online but there are some real nuggets of info you don’t hear elsewhere because Frank is teaching from personal experience. This is all based on what he does every week along with working his other business ventures and offering support through 6+ private Facebook groups.

One thing I don’t like is the Savage Affiliates course (just like Franks eCom-elites course) are both hosted on Zaxaa so when you log back in to continue training it’s hard to find where you were up to last time.


Welcome to the Savage Affiliates training

>Module 1: Affiliate introduction

-How Affiliate Marketing Works
-The Results
-How we use free traffic
-How we use paid traffic
-Quick traffic SEO video
-Important steps

>Module 2: Niches and Products

-Welcome video
-Getting started
-Looking at niche use
-Find affiliate offers
-Finding new products
-Using Clickbank
-Using Amazon
-Using JVzoo
-Using Health Market
-Web Hosting offers
-Using Share a Sale
-CPA networks

>Module 3: Building your Assets

-Building Assets Intro
-Buying a Domain Name
-Starting your website
-Navigating your website
-Must have Plugins
-Email Assets (Platforms)
-Creating Landing pages and forms
-Facebook chat asset
-Power of social accounts

>Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate marketing

-Welcome information
The W8-W9 form
-Starting a Clickbank account
-The main traffic we use
-You can sell anything with the right structure
-CB Graph stats
-Clickbank Facts
-What we will be building (Examples)
-Some product over views
-Getting started (first step)
-Finding Keywords And Using Tool
-Checking the Top 10
-Buying Articles (If you don’t want to write them)
-1 Vs 1 Article structure
-Review articles
-Adding articles to your site
-Installing your theme
-Edit sidebar
-Edit site menus
-Paid Google traffic and landing page
-Building a simple funnel – part 1
-Building a simple funnel – part 2
-The Red Detox Diet
-The Singing Product
-CB Passive profits
-Numerology product and YouTube
-Module Recap (Please Watch)

>Module 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

-Amazon affiliates intro
-Amazon website examples
-30 million dollar Amazon website
-Buyer intent keywords
-Ideal Amazon products
-Amazon niche research
-Aliexpress niche research
-Fun way to find product ideas
-Seasons and trends
-Using flippa fro research
-Analyze Top 10 research
-Quick tip on finding information
-Niche vs Authority vs Hybrid site
-Structure your Amazon site
-Slow cooker niche example
-Steamer niche example
-Smoothie niche example
-Outdoor Backpack niche example
-Snow Blower niche example
-Website basics and creating cool stuff
-(Extra) Big Boy Keyword

>Module 6: SEO Traffic

-How Google works (Think of Spiders)
-Google Ranking Factors
-Doing on page SEO
-On Page SEO Factors
-Website speed
-How web 2.0s Work
-Analysis Competitor Anchors Text
-Buying Web 2.0s
-Create a Web 2.0
-Power up Web 2.0s
-Building Blog comments
-Find Blog comments
-Quora Backlinks
-My Backlink process
-Relevant Outbound links
-Setup Google Webmasters
-Website sitemap
-Find Extra Keywords & Improve Rankings
-My Secret links
-Spam isn’t working anymore
-Click through rate and engagement
-Reverse Engineer your competitors
-Buying PBN Links
-Social Signals
-Website Structure (Silo)
-Skyscraper technique for Backlinks
-Fiverr Backlinks
-How to track keywords

>Module 7: Paid Traffic Training

-Paid advertising Intro
-Who is your Buyer?
-Simple Affiliate Tracking (Clickbank)

-(Facebook Ads 1) Facebook over view
-(Facebook Ads 2) Facebook Ad
-(Facebook Ads 3) Looking at funnels
-(Facebook Ads 4) Buy eBook Cover
-(Facebook Ads 5) Installing pixels
-(Facebook Ads 6) Advanced Link Tracking & Split Testing
-(Facebook Ads 7) Creating Facebook Lead Ad
-(Facebook Ads 8) What To Track on The Ads
-(Facebook Ads 9) Check Facebook Data
-(Facebook Ads 10) Scale Facebook Ads

-(Solo Ads) Intro Video
-(Solo Ads) Finding Sellers
-(Solo Ads) Creating Tracking links

-(Google Ads 1) Google adwords
-(Google Ads 2) Google adwords pixels
-(Google Ads 3) Starting a Google Ad
-(Google Ads 4) Maximum Bid
-(Google Ads 5) Tracking on Google
-(Google Ads 6) Audiences and Display
-(Google Ads 7) Scale your Google Ads

>Module 8: Free Traffic Training

-Free Traffic Inro
-Collecting Free Traffic Leads

-(Forum Traffic 1) Growth Hacking
-(Forum Traffic 2) How I get Forum traffic

-(YouTube 1) YouTube Intro
-(YouTube 2) How to get started
-(YouTube 3) You need this free tool
-(YouTube 4) Best YouTube Keywords
-(YouTube 5) Checking out Keywords
-(YouTube 6) Ranking Factors
-(YouTube 7) How to rank your video
-(YouTube 8) Getting YouTube to Promote for Suggested Views
-(YouTube 9) YouTube Thumbnails
-(YouTube 10) YouTube Retargeting
-(YouTube Bonus) Easy Traffic Trick

>Module 9: Email Marketing Training

-Email Marketing Intro
-I don’t use these Landing Pages
-Getting Started first step
-Creating email automation
-Create and Send Messages
-Create and Send Newsletters
-Email Open Rates
-Contact Flow Walk through
-Clickfunnels automation Funnel
-eCom Automation Funnel

All For $197 USD and you get the help you need in the private “Savage affiliates” Facebook group from “Franklin Hatchett” and other members.


Have you ever sat down and tried to make a video? even if it was just to try for yourself and you didn’t publish it.
You should try it sometime.

It’s a good exercise to do and it makes you appreciate how much effort goes into making a series of videos like the ones in this course. Yes, $197 USD is a lot of money, especially for me in New Zealand with the currency exchange rate. But, you have to look at the value it offers. This is all the info you need to start an affiliate marketing business. Some affiliate sites are set and forget sites that you hardly have to do anything too once you set them up properly.

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  1. Hi , I am from India , Apart from paying $197 to join the course , how much more I need to start making money?

    1. Hi. You would want a domain name and hosting and an Autoresponder. You can get free Autoresponders like mailchimp. Possibly a few dollars to promote a facebook post. Frank teaches free and paid traffic methods.

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