Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review

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Savage Affiliates 1.0 has been updated to Savage Affiliates version 2.0 in August 2019.
Consisting of 10 Modules and a Bonus Module.

Each module has a lot of short punchy to the point videos that go into a lot of detail.
There are examples of well-made affiliate sites and over the shoulder views of how to do everything
from choosing a niche buying a domain name, getting hosting (with a discount offer) and setting up your new website.

Then there is Free and Paid Traffic. Promoting Clickbank products, Amazon, Click Funnels, Advertising with  FaceBook.
Email marketing, SEO and Google training. Launch Jacking in module 10 and the bonus section deals with Viking Blogging and some Instagram techniques.

Also what themes and plugins to use. How to research and either write articles yourself or where to get them written for you.

Who is Savage Affiliates Version 2.0 for?

SA-2.0 is perfect for the absolute beginner to the intermediate marketer looking to increase their income and even for some pros who could find a few nuggets of info in this fully comprehensive course by Franklin Hatchett.

inside the courseYou can see in the screenshot to the right the first 8 modules with a second page that has the last 2 modules and the bonus module.





A quick look at what is in each module below.


Affiliate Marketing Introduction – How This All Works – Looking at Results – How We Get Free traffic -How We Use Paid Traffic – How We Use SEO Google Traffic – How To Navigate & Follow The Course & Funnels
All pretty self-explanatory really

Module 1 – Affiliate Products To Promote

What Niche Should Your Promote? – ClickFunnels Affiliate Program – Clickbank Affiliate Program – Amazon Affiliate Program – BlueHost Affiliate Program – Get Response Affiliate Program – MucheEye Affiliate Program Website List

Module 2 – Building Your Website Asset

Website Introduction – In this section, you will learn how to start a website! This is critical and every affiliate marketer should have one. – Choosing Website Domain Name – Starting The Website – Inside Website Overview – Delete These Plugins Before Moving On – Install This Plugin To Make Things Easier – Website Plugins You Should Use – Installing Your Website Theme – You can download the theme mentioned in the video – Adding Articles To Website – Create Categories to Organize – Creating Website Menus – Creating Legal Pages – Creating An About Page – Understanding Widgets – Collecting Emails On Your Website Part 1 – Collecting Emails On Your Website Part 2 – Changing Website User Name

Module 3 – Email Marketing & Funnels

Email Marketing Intro – This is the email and funnels sections. You will need to collect emails when doing affiliate marketing – Best Email Software To Use (Overview) – Add Email To GetResponse – How To Create Your Email List – How To Create A Simple Newsletter – Create Your Automation Workflow – Funnel Intro – Now we will get into funnels! – Funnel Software Overview – Now we will get into funnels!  – Connect GetResponse To ClickFunnels – Create A Form To Collect Emails – Email Marketing & Funnels – Create A Thank You Page – Install Pixels On Your Pages – Extra ClickFunnels Overview

Module 4 – ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

ClickBank Introduction – What We Will Cover In This Module – Starting a Clickbank Account – Clickbank Marketplace Overview – Understanding Clickbank Stats – (Product Example) Make Money Online – (Product Example) Fitness Niche – (Product Example) Singing Niche – (Product Example) Red Detox Product – Examples of What We Create – (Module 4) ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Find a Keyword Tool Before Starting – Getting Started With Clickbank Method 1 (SEO) – Finding Keywords To Write Content About (SEO) – Where To Get Free Article Ideas (SEO) – Finding Keywords From Compeditors (SEO) – Where to get Articles Writers (SEO) – Creating Your Review Article (SEO) – Creating Your “How To” Article (SEO) – Understanding 1 vs 1 Articles (SEO) – Mid Module Update –  ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Setting Up Bridge Page To Get Commissions (Paid Ads) – You can download my funnels – Running A Google Search Ad (Paid Ads) – Building a Simple Funnel (Part 1) –  Building a Simple Funnel (Part 2) – Building a Simple Funnel (Part 3) – Facebooks Ads & Clickbank (Part 1) – Facebooks Ads & Clickbank Lead Page (Part 2) – Facebooks Ads & Clickbank Article Page (Part 3) – Facebooks Ads & Clickbank Quiz Page (Part 4) – Facebooks Ads Where To Get Ad Copy Created (Part 5) – Facebooks Ads How To Spy On Ads(Part 6)

Module 5 – ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing

ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Intro – ClickFunnels Backend Overview – (Case Study) Commissions With Share Funnels – (Case Study) Commissions With Blogs – Getting Paid By ClickFunnels – Understanding The Sticky Cookie – How Much Can You Make From This? – Understanding Affiliate Commission Tracking – Understanding A Bonus Stack – My Secret To Getting ClickFunnels

Trials – Traffic Method Number 1 (SEO Intro) – Using Keywords Tools (SEO) – How To Find Keywords (SEO) – How To Find Keywords Part 2 (SEO) – Where To Get Free Article Ideas (SEO) – How To Create SEO Article (SEO) – Create Call To Actions On Your Article (SEO) – How To Start Getting Google Traffic (SEO)
Method To Use Question Site For Traffic (Free Traffic) – Method To Use Youtube For Traffic (Free Traffic)
Traffic Method Number 2 (Paid Ads) – Advertising Rules (Paid Ads) – Understanding Cost Per Trial (Paid Ads) – Creating A Bridge Page (Paid Ads) – Get Trials With Google Ads (Paid Ads) – Sell Funnel Builder Secrets With Google (Paid Ads)
Facebooks Ads Part 1 (Paid Ads) – Facebook Ads Part 2 (Paid Ads) – Facebook Ads Part 3 (Paid Ads)
(Case Study) $80,000+ In ClickFunnels Commissions – Introduction To My Full Affiliate Funnel – You can download my funnels – You can get the emails to use in the funnel
Setting Up My Affiliate Funnel – Beginner Method: How To Promote The Funnel – Using Solo For My Funnel Traffic – Intermediate Method: How To Promote The Funnel – Google Ads: Creating A Google Search Ad – Facebook Ads: Understanding Facebooks Ads – Advanced Method: How To Promote The Funnel
Youtube Ads Part 1: Youtube Ads Introduction – Youtube Ads Part 2: Creating An In-stream Video Ad – Youtube Ads Part 3: Create a Youtube Search Ad – Youtube Ads Part 4: Using Youtube Custom Placements – Youtube Ads Part 5: What Keywords I Go For
Student Case Study (Part 1) Made $19,000 – Student Case Study (Part 2) – Student Case Study (Part 4)

Module 6 – Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Introduction –  Sign Up To Amazon Associates – Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website Examples – Understanding Buyer Intent Keywords – The Power of The Word “FOR” – Your Ideal Amazon Products To Promote – Niche Site Vs Authority Site – Your Amazon Website Structure – Basic Way To Find A Niche – Simple Way To Find New Products – How You Could Use Low Priced Products For Traffic – More Product Ideas & Model What Already Works – Bonus: Amazon Product Example Slow Cooker – Bonus: Amazon Product Example Steamer – Bonus: Amazon Product Example Smoothie

Module 7 – SEO Google Traffic Training

Introduction: Think of Google As A Spider – How To Track Your Keywords – Website Speed: Do This Before Starting – Content Relevance Ranking Method – How To Do On-Page SEO (Part 1) – How To Do On-Page SEO (Part 2) – On-Page SEO Outbound & Interlinks (Part 3) – On-Page SEO Image ALT Tags (Part 4) – Backlinks Stage 1: Introduction – Backlinks Stage 1: Blog Comments –  SEO Google Traffic Training – Backlinks Stage 1: Social Signals – Backlinks Stage 1: Quora Backlinks – Backlinks Stage 2: Introduction – Backlinks Stage 2: Web 2.0s – Backlinks Stage 2: Guest Post – Backlinks Stage 3: Introduction – Backlinks Stage 3: Getting Editorial Links – Backlinks Stage 3: Private Blog Network (PBN) Links – Understanding Anchor Text

Module 8 – Free Traffic Training

Free Traffic Introduction –  YouTube Traffic 1: The Second Best Search Engine – YouTube Traffic 2: What Is Your Goal? –  YouTube Traffic 3: How To Create Videos – YouTube Traffic 4: How To Get Videos Without Making Them – YouTube Traffic 5: Understanding The Traffic Sources – YouTube Traffic 6: General Video Ranking Factors – YouTube Traffic 7: Installing Vid IQ – YouTube Traffic 8: What Keywords To Target – YouTube Traffic 9: Think Outside The Box Keywords – YouTube Traffic 10: Compress Video Before Uploading – YouTube Traffic 11: Upload & Optimize Video – YouTube Traffic 12: How To Get Suggested Views – YouTube Traffic 13: Placing Your Affiliate Link – Forum Traffic 1 Growth Hacking – Forum Traffic 2: How I Get Forum Traffic – Quora: Beginner Place For Free Traffic – Instagram Traffic: Using Viral Traffic For Commissions

Module 9 – Paid Traffic Training

Paid Traffic Introduction -Who Is Your Ideal Buyer? – Facebook Ads Part 1: Overview –  Facebook Ads Part 2: Create Page For Ads – Facebook Ads Part 3: Installing Tracking Pixel – Facebook Ads Part 4: Understanding Campaign Types – Facebook Ads Part 5: Creating Your Ads – Facebook Ads Part 6: Understanding Campaign Budget Optimization – Facebook Ads Part 7: Understanding The Ad Data – Facebook Ads Part 8: Creating Custom Audience

Google Ads Part 1: Overview – Google Ads Part 2: Installing Google Pixel – Google Ads Part 3: Understanding Campaign Types – Google Ads Part 4: Creating A Search Ad – Google Ads Part 5: How To Create A Youtube Ad – Google Ads Part 6: Custom Youtube Placements – Google Ads Part 7: Creating Audiences – Google Ads Part 8: Understanding The Ad Data – Google Ads Part9: Optimizing & Scaling

Module 10 – Launch Jacking & Web Hosting

Web Hosting Offers Introduction – Web Hosting: Find Your BlueHost Link – Web Hosting: How I Get Commissions – Web Hosting: Beginner Method – Web Hosting: Advanced Method – Web Hosting: Pinterest Traffic – Launch Jacking Introduction – Launch Jacking: How It works – Launch Jacking: Two Important Questions – Launch Jacking: Putting Article On-Site – Launch Jacking: Force Your Article To Show In Google – Launch Jacking: Finding Bonuses For Your Stack – Launch Jacking: Using YouTube Traffic

Bonus – Extra Free Gifts

Viking Blog Training Part 1 – Viking Blog Training Part 2 – Viking Blog Training Part 3

Instagram Excellence

Get My Funnels

All of my funnels are under specific videos in this training. However, I’ve added them here as well

Email Authority Part 1 – Email Authority Part 2 – Email Authority Part 3 – Email Authority Part 4 – Email Authority Part 5 – Email Authority Part 6 – Email Authority Part 7 – Email Authority Part 8 – Email Authority Part 9

To sum up:

That’s all the current Modules and Submenus for Savage Affiliates 2.0 online course. When you scan your eyes across the submenu items think to yourself. “Do I know much about this subject or could I do with knowing more? If you answer “I could learn more on this subject” then this course is for you.

I’ve been inside of and seen more expensive courses than SA-2.0 that waster your time with fluff and filler content. Frank doesn’t waste your time he gets into it straight away on every video.

There is a heap of content to go through so if you are one of those people that shop around affiliate reviews looking for the best freebies before you buy a course. Then sorry you are wasting your time. There are a good 6 months to a year of info in this course.

If I gave you freebies for joining through my link I’d just be wasting your time and distracting you from getting anything done. That’s why most rubbish products give you so many freebies, it’s so you feel like you got your money’s worth and don’t ask for a refund which ruins the vendor’s stats. I am active in the Facebook group and I’ll help you out whenever I can if you buy Savage Affiliates 2.0 through my link.

I’m a member of SA1 and got a free upgrade to SA-2.0 and I can assure you there are ample amounts of content and detail to get you making money online. There are Facebook groups where Franks students post their first checks and proof of earnings.

I get it, it can seem like a lot of money if you don’t know what you are getting and we’ve all bought other courses that promised us everything we would need but in the end, they let us down. This course has enough info and detail to get you going and earning an income from Affiliate Marketing. This course is made by a guy that does these things and more daily and so knows what he is talking about.

Hope to see you on the inside. Reach out to me in the FaceBook group if you do join.

Best Wishes.



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