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I’m blogging my progress with the Profit Engine course June 2018.

So mid-June 2018 I bought the Profit Engine 8-week course about advertising on Facebook because I realised although I know how to blog for money I find it hard to sit down and actually write blog posts. I need another plan, again.

I had been following along with free info from Income School on YouTube and my other blog is doing okay. Trouble is they have a 1 to 2-year method of blogging for money and I need something faster.

My favourite Online business model has always been running adverts to other peoples products. Mark Ling who is a New Zealand online marketer that I have some respect for as I have some of Mark’s products. He alerted me to the launch of Profit Engine and offered me a generous bonus to join. The trust factor was there so I joined.

Profit Engine cost me over $2000 NZD (New Zealand dollars) I have to say my heart sank after spending that much on yet another course. Like many out there I have spent thousands over the years on online courses but never had much monetary success with any of them.

It’s winter now here in New Zealand (NZ) and I own a small Passion fruit Orchard. All my income is made February, March, April then that’s it for the year. You have to budget for the rest of the year on whatever you made. Winter is my down time so I have plenty of time but not a lot of money to put into making a side income online.

$2000 might not be much money to some people with regular jobs and income but I only made just over 60k gross this season and had to replace my router, computer, TV and washing machine already so that’s my budget screwed at the start of my no income cycle. There is still tax and rates and usual cost of living to pay yet. I really hope this works.

Week Zero of Profit Engine.

After you buy Profit Engine and log in, it’s quite a shock to discover there is nothing in there. Waaa?
There’s a link to some free stuff and a signup button for a Webinar for the coming weekend. Not a good feeling with this course so far but the weekend finally came and I sat through a 3-hour webinar.

Mostly it was just a big chat session getting to know the 2 hosts Rob and Gerry. They seem like nice and genuine guys and they are obviously doing okay by the looks of their houses. But, I’m out two thousand dollars and not seen much of anything.

We were given homework of making a short video of who we are and what life is like before Profit Engine and a questionnaire to fill out. You can see the video I made here if you really want, I have it set to private on YouTube.

Week 1 Still not much happening.

Week one was another weekend 3-hour long webinar. There was some general chat and reassurance that they know this is feeling slow but trust us we have taught lots of people this method and we are not going to overload you with info. I have to say I am actually feeling better about these guys and this course now.

Homework was to join ClickBank if you haven’t already and send them your ClickBank ID so they can hook up a better commission with some vendors we will be promoting. Now that sounds promising.

Today is Friday 29th of June 2018 tomorrow is week 2 webinar. Can’t wait.

Week 5

(Sorry bit of a jump in weeks there)
Okay so things are moving on it’s now 22nd July and I have a New Website in the health niche and Facebook page under the same name.  We also set up a business advertising account at Facebook and I’m running a promotional ad for 5 days to get use to the system and let Facebook get some trust in me paying my bills.

The website just has a quiz lander which was supplied but I had to edit it to fit the product I’m promoting. I finished editing today. I’m thinking I might blog in a sub-directory just for some extra advantage at making sales. I even went and bought the diet product just to see what it is I’m selling. It’s a good product with valuable information so I feel better that I’m not promoting crap.

2 thoughts on “Profit Engine my real time review

  1. These guys are scammers. They cut heir last class short, failed to deliver what they promised and ran off with everyone’s money. They’re so compassionate and want to change the world, yea, change the wealth from your hands to theirs. True scumbags.

    1. I don’t think I’d class them as Scam John but certainly well over priced with a good dose of BS. That whole course could have been taught in a 1 hour training video or a decent eBook. I know some people made money doing what they taught and they had that get together in the USA for those that did. Thanks for dropping by though.

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