LetsMail Review and Bonus

LetsMail review and Bonus

This is my LetsMail Review (and Bonuses if you use my Affiliate link.)

LetsMail is Created by Brett Rutecky who often codes his own Software and in Partnership, with Mike from Maine, a well known online marketer.

Both have been in the product development arena for years now.

Did you noticed that Chicken Bug box on my site?

Well, that is a handy little software app made by Brett that I got for free. It gives some really good insights to what visitors look at on your website.

Any-who back to my LetsMail Review

The claim is LetsMail will save you money and get you better deliverability and open rates on your mail outs.

I understand exactly how it will do that too, as we’ll get into later.

Every day people are wasting their money by paying for expensive pay monthly or yearly email platforms when frankly they don’t need to.

The reason they don’t need to is that these platforms are selling them a service that they already have! (Provided you have a website that is.)

NOTE: If you Don’t have a website but use an autoresponder like Aweber or iContact etc this may not be for you.

You may have noticed I have promoted Aweber and Constant Contact on this site.

Both are awesome but this new LetsMail app is going to give you an advantage over those platforms.

The Problem

Let me explain by way of a personal story.

A few years ago I was a member of Anik Singal’s Inbox blueprint.

It was a great product but had one downside. You had to use an Autoresponder that Anik was part owner of called Sendlane.

Nothing was wrong with Sendlane it worked fine. What happened was almost every email Anik sent me through Sendlane never got to me. I found them later in my Spam box.

Why was that?

Because he had all of us newbies going through his email course not knowing what we were doing and sending out all our amateur emails through Sendlane which gave Sendlane a bad score on the spam count.

So we were being perceived as spammers and ruined Sendlane’s deliverability.

To a lesser degree, this is still happening with other big-name autoresponders.

My first one was Aweber as it fitted nicely into pre-made websites I used to get made by Aaron Danker.

But, so many of us were learning to setup email lists through Aweber and iContact and some others that we gave them a bad spam score too.

Even today I can go into my Spam folder and see legit emails from people I subscribed too and they are using big-name autoresponders too.

If you check your spam folder I bet you find the same thing.

That is where you are losing money!

If you are sending out promotional emails and they don’t get opened you lost a potential sale and you are paying for an autoresponder that doesn’t always deliver.

But, that’s its job isn’t it? That’s what you are paying for.

Brett’s Solution

What if you hosted your own autoresponder on your own website?

Now your spam score is up to you and only you.

You can also use a third party SMTP (outgoing mail server) rather than your own website’s server. IF you choose to.

Another drawback with 3rd party autoresponders is they throttle back how many emails you can send per hour. Because they are trying to lower their spam score.

If you have a big list this can be quite frustrating.

With LetsMail you have more control over your sending schedule.

Where You Save Money

Where you save money is LetsMail is a One-off cost, so no more monthly or yearly bills to pay.

Lets face it we ALL need to cut our costs after this Covid-19 has destroyed so many incomes.

I’ll leave this LetsMail Review here while I wait for an affiliate link.

Hopefully, Brett or Mike have seen my application and read this 1st draft review. 🙂

LetsMail launches in August 2020 so sign up below and I’ll let you know when it goes live and at its cheapest.

I’ll send you a free gift for signing up too as well as some bonuses I’m putting together if you buy through my affiliate link. (When I get one)

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