Lead App by Chad Nicely – Review and Bonus

Digital Business Card

What is it?

Lead App is going to allow you to create and give out digital Mobile-Cell phone business cards
for free or even get paid for them instantly from built-in upsells.

It is an Offline Mobile Sales Funnel.
You’re very own digital business card that you can use to brand you and your business. You are able to
customize everything about this card! with a Simple 2-minute setup!

Digital business cards have a social impact and have a completely responsive media aspect.
This New lead system automates the whole process of getting leads for you and generates residual income.
Which is why the creator calls it a business in a box.

Who is it for?

Anyone going out there looking to connect with other people at meetups, events, anywhere you could meet someone say in the Bank or a coffee shop, in the lift etc.

What problem does it solve?

The creator of Lead app Chad Nicely needed a way to get leads in the door.

Any One Time Offers?

The 2nd OTO has customized forms so if you are using ClickFunnels or Leadpages etc they have got you covered. It also ties into Twillio plus
a 6-week coaching program.

How can I make money with this?

Lead App has 100% rights to GIVEAWAY or SELL these digital business cards.
This is your company which means you keep all of the sales.
The goal is to turn this HOT lead into a paying client! The card is your “Foot in the Door”

How does it work?

It Takes Just 3 Simple Steps To Start Generating Leads & Sales With Lead App.
We call this the “Foot in the door”
Step #1
You provide business owners with the one tool they need in their business.
Step #2
The client automatically upgrades giving you a residual commission.
Step #3
If you help the client and look after them, they will want to hire you for more work.

  • – Done For You Funnel Customized By You
  • – Easily Turn Elements On or Off
  • – Built in Automated Pipeline
  • – Personally Branded
  • – Fully Responsive App
  • – Keep 100% Profit of the front end Sale
  • – Fully Customizable
  • – Change Your Design As Often As You Want!
  • – Integrated Payment Systems
  • – Welcome Video For Your Customers


How much does Lead App cost?

Currently as I write this Lead App is a one time $49 but
Everybody that waits to purchase Lead App will end up paying a monthly price to have the service.
So get it while you can. On August 23, 2019 the price will be $47/month and it will only go up from there!

The Story.

You are at a meeting or a social get together and you hold up your mobile cell phone and show a beautiful business card that looks different from others and it’s completely responsive.

From this business card, you are not only able to access all your social media links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. but you are also able to receive calls and text messages. This is what Chad calls the foot in the door.

You are out there providing services to clients like running Facebook ads you are building websites, you are doing webinars, running events. Anything that you are trying to do with clients in the Internet marketing niche has this big problem.

-You needed a way to get leads in the door-

Chad says “This digital business card became our foot in the door. What we found out is just by using these cards people would reach out to us and say
Hey, can I get me one of those cards?” and so what we were doing was we were going around building these cards and it was a great door opener.

Clients would ask “How much are these going to cost?” we were selling these for $997 bucks even higher depending on the service they provided.
And then what we discovered was if we go out there and actually give away these cards, that became the foot in the door.

Digital Business Card
Lead App Digital Business Card

Get Your Own Beautiful Digital Business Card Like These Ones


So here’s what we decided, because all of our members were reaching out to us and saying “Is there any way you can set this up so we can sell or give away these cards“, then we would have a foot in the door and sell our agency services?”

So we went back to the drawing board and created this whole platform where you can create this card in a matter of 15 seconds right there in front of your client.

You can send your card out like a text message and track who you sent it to by adding a tag of where you met this person.

There is a free gift link that opens a sign up form Free or Paid (before they get their card there can be a 1 page upsell that can match the one on your website.)

Collect email leads.

Imagine you can replace things in your business like Surveys (you can log in and see the survey they filled out and how they responded), applications, appointment scheduler, forms, email, follow-ups, tagging. all in one inclusive system.
All your leads coming into one place so you can follow up with them

No more

  • Cold calling businesses to offer your products and services
  • Walking into a place of business and pitching them on the spot
  • Paying for advertising to try and attract local businesses
  • Setting up events and expos to market your agency services
  • Putting together a team of workers and outsources to fullfil your clients
  • Sitting on a phone all day working behind a computer 24/7 to have this “laptop lifestyle”
Inside Lead App
All Your Leads In One Place

If you hesitate Lead App will cost you more. I don’t have an affiliate link for Lead App but you can go check out the current price and bonuses here.

Best of Luck
PS: I’m using the plugin Pretty Links on this Post to count clicks not to hide an affiliate link. I’m learning blogging at Franks Savage Affiliates 2.0
Apparently, I need at least 30 articles on this site before Google will take the site seriously. So I’m doing a lot of reviews without being an affiliate just to build up content.

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