Installing WordPress – First Time – Beginners Level

Installing WordPress – First Time – Beginners Level

Installing WordPress for Your First Time

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Here’s how installing WordPress is done for the beginners. By now you should have a topic for your website and a domain name and hosting. If not go back to step 1.
You should also have some emails from your registrar and Hosting company. They could be one and the same company or 2 different companies depending on your preference.

I have Domains registered at Crazy Domains (up to 11 at one stage) and I’ve had hosting at many different hosting companies. That’s why I like to keep them separate. I can change hosting whenever I want without the hassle of moving the domain name to a new registrar every time.

I do this with my email as well. I give friends and family my Gmail account so that when I change Internet Providers I don’t have to waste time updating everyone with a new email address.

Okay so lets log into our Registrar and look for something like the image below. It will be dns1. and a bunch of numbers then below that and a bunch of numbers

At Crazy domains, those numbers update automatically as soon as you paste in the correct name server supplied in your email from your hosting company.

name server settings



Now you have your Domain Name pointing to your Hosting. But! It takes time for the internet to catch up. It’s called Propagating, it takes time for the name servers scattered around the Internet to talk to each other and update themselves with the address of your new website. Much like moving into a new house in the real world. It takes a few hours to a few days to get everyone notified.

Your hosting company knows this and they should have a temporary address for you to access your website also found in the welcome email from your hosting company.


What we are looking for is access to cPanel. This is where we will be Installing WordPress. We can do this while we wait for the internet to Propagate your domain name. Previously I had a website at Hostbig. They were my go to when looking for cheap hosting but SSL is too expensive there now hence the change to Name Cheap. Anyway their welcome email contained this.

The Control Panel (cPanel) is used to configure the features of your HostBig account, to log into your cPanel you can use either the IP address or your domain name followed by :2082, for example: or (after DNS propagates)

So I would have used to access cPanel at host big for my quadcopter website until the name servers updated then you can just use

Note: You may be able to use Different hosting has different instructions, just follow your welcome email.The Login and Password should be supplied in your welcome email.

Okay so log in to cPanel and you should see a screen like this…


cpanel full view

Okay so don’t panic we don’t need 95% of what you see in here. Scroll down and click on the WordPress symbol in the Softaculous panel.
Installing WordPress Thumbnail