How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2020

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How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2020 ($100 Per Day FREE)

NOTE: Results are never guaranteed. Just because I’ve made $100 a day with Pinterest does not mean you will. Business requires work to get results. I don’t know your work ethic or skill level.

Short Answer: Since Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine. We create visually appealing pins (lots of them) that link to a product either directly or via a bridge page.

The best part is you don’t need your own product to make money with this method but if you do have your own product it works just as well if not better.
Pinterest is a completely free traffic source with over 290 million active users, every single month.

Don’t think of Pinterest as a way or a platform to make money think of it as a traffic source which you can then use that traffic to make money.

The main thing with making money online is the traffic source. If you don’t have traffic and if it’s not the right traffic you aren’t going to make any money.

So in this scenario, Pinterest is our traffic source and we want to send some of that traffic to an offer.

The guy I learned this from used Pinterest traffic to get more views to his YT channel where he was able to promote whatever he wanted, mostly his own products and he built his channel at the same time.

Step 1: Find a Product.

The most common place to find a product promote is ClickBank. There is also JVzoo and Warrior plus and a host of others. You can google your niche + affiliate program and see if you can find some unique product to promote. Lots of businesses have affiliate links at the bottom of their websites. Another site to check is they have a list of all the products that are being launched and you can request an affiliate link on products that match your site niche.

There are thousands of products and these companies can’t afford the time and money to promote their own products all the time so they get affiliates to do the leg work for them and then pay you a commission for a sale. It’s a real win-win deal.

We also need to think about product alignment, which is basically staying within your niche. If you were in the Dog niche why would you promote something unrelated to that niche? Your audience came expecting Dog-related stuff so that’s what you provide them.

An example is They have a pin on Pinterest about making money that leads to a post on their website where they talk about doing surveys and they have their affiliate link.

So they aren’t spamming make money online they are lining the product pin-up with the affiliate offer.

You could have a pin about making your own website that links to your post where you mention Webhosting and you use your affiliate link. It’s almost endless what you could promote.

Step 2: Create a Bridge Page.

Often social media sites no longer allow you to link directly to an affiliate offer. So you create what’s called a bridge page on your website. It used to be just an offer of en eBook in exchange for their email. That still works in the right situation. Another option on your bridge page is to have a small blog post that ads value and primes people for the offer which you link to in the post using your affiliate link of course.

TIP: A WordPress plugin called pretty links (there are others) can be used to mask or shorten your affiliate link so it looks more user-friendly and it counts how many clicks you got on your affiliate link. If you were using Facebook you would do a clean link to your Bridge page then on the bridge page you use your affiliate link. Facebook doesn’t like masked links going away from their platform. Pinterest does allow direct linking to a product page but doesn’t allow link shorteners so a bridge page is still good to count the clicks and see which of your Pins is performing the best.

Pick a product write a review which is your added value bridge page then send traffic by making pins about your offer and linking to your bridge page.

Step 3: Creating a Pin and Optimize it.

Optimizing is important as Pinterest is like a search engine and you have to tell Pinterest what your Pin is about.

If you aren’t sure what kind of a pin to create then just go and see what others in your niche are creating. Make similar pins to what’s working. Click on their links and look at the funnel and follow the patterns of those that do this method the best way. Pins like How to… or 7 ways to.. etc are good

How do you make these pins?

A lot of people use you can use the free version. They have lots of templates for different social media. Just edit them to suit your niche. I have a paid account at Youzign they also have Gifzign which are really good for making Pin images. You could, with practice make something with MS paint even.

Inside Pinterest, click the plus sign and create a Pin. Add the image and then think of the most relevant keywords based on what people would search for.

Just on Google alone there is over 300,000 searches a month for, “make money online”. That’s not including all the other keywords related to that search term.

You will need to do Pins daily and build up an audience. Just doing this once or twice won’t get you much action.

What you can do is Automate this process using It will cost using this but there is a free trial.

Proof that this method works. All you have to do is go to Pinterest and look at the number of views certain channels are getting. That’s a lot of traffic they have access to that they can direct to offers. Find people in your niche and Mimic, don’t directly copy them but mimic their style and post pins every day and build up an audience.

I’ll leave it here for now, but there is more to come on this post.
Cheers for stopping by

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