How to Grow an Email List

How to Grow an Email List

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Welcome to my brief but effective guide about how to grow an email list fast!

You can certainly advertise on Facebook, Pinterest, and other platforms, but what if their algorithm changes, and you are left with a fraction of your original traffic?

Besides, you must understand this: Those platforms are all owned by somebody else, and they control what people see.

Think of all the stories you’ve heard from friends that they were left out of the loop when their favorite YouTuber uploaded something, or a favorite content page was put into Facebook jail.

If only they had signed up for that creator’s email list! Or, if only that creator had one and promoted it properly.

This guide will help you learn how to grow an email list from scratch.

After all, a huge percentage of interested consumers check their emails each and every day.

With smartphones advancing by the day, people check their emails everywhere. It is a way to reach your people that nobody can take away!

Take a look at our tips for some ways to get that email list off like a rocket.

Upgrade Your Content

Here is a quick and easy but genius way to get your clicks interested and convert them.

  1. Create a blog post as you normally would about content your readers want to see.
  2. Create a second piece of content that expands upon your original topic.
  3. Tell your readers of the original post that you will give them the upgraded content they seek if they will give you their email.


It works like a dream. After all, your readers have already indicated they like your content. They’ve clicked on your blog post and pages through it. Why not give them an even bigger treat for just a small favor?

It is zero cost to them and gets you the subscribers you need.

Give Them an Incentive

Ever go to the grocery store growing up and pester your parents to buy the cereal that had a prize in the bottom?

It was an incentive to get you to buy, and this incentive system still works today. Rarely will you find a website that does not offer its visitors some type of email opt-in incentive.

You might get a swipe file, a free eBook, a guide, or free software. The content choices are endless, but they definitely rake in the subscribers.

Many websites make one really high quality opt in incentive and then advertise it by way of their sidebar, opt in pop up messages, or footer on a blog post, among other ways.

Your audience already thinks you are pretty cool. You may not believe it but offering an incentive that might lend a small look into something about you can get you lots of new subscribers.

These people are happy and excited to see what you’ve got. They think the stuff you create, share and pin is amazing, and they want more.

An incentive that gives them a clue about you-a style guide, stock strategies, car buying tips-whatever the niche, really-can be a huge value add.

Also popular are surveys that help readers feel they are part of your content creation decisions or small tidbits about your personal life.

You can create special connections with your subscribers and watch that email list grow.

Plus, if you are trying to sell a product, email is going to be the way to go.

By sharing these incentives and building up that relationship with your clients, you will make them more excited about buying something you eventually offer for sale.

Have A Landing Page

Well, having a website is ideal. You just need a place where your potential members will come together.

Creating a website is a huge step and many of you may not know where to begin. But the good news is you just need a landing page at the very least.

This is just a single page site that has your opt-in form. It is so easy to make a lovely landing page that looks modern and entices visitors to sign up.

Check out these great sites:


There are many more, but those will get you off the ground.

A great landing page contains an image, a few bullet points, and a headline.

Leadpages gives you the ability to use one of their great premade landing pages that really have high conversion rates and look really great, too.

Just make sure your site complies with any paid advertising channel requirements, and also make sure you don’t forget to add the opt in form, so those subscribers roll right in!

Use an Email Marketing Service

The best one for beginners I know of is Constant Contact.


They have a free 30-day trial. They are so confident in their great service that they won’t even charge you for a whole month.

You can test out all the features and get a feel for it. The prices are comparable to other like-minded email service providers, and by that time, you will likely have built up a good size list and will have enough funds to cover the cost of using this great service.

It cannot be stressed enough how easy they make it.

After trying out a bunch of different email providers, some of them got so complicated we felt overwhelmed and like we weren’t getting anywhere.

Constant Contact is so easy that anybody can do it, they make it so quick and easy with many drag & drop templates that look like a million bucks- super professional and very striking compared to other emails your readers are getting.

Just pop in your brand’s logo, a link, and a picture of choice. And voila! You’re done.

The tracking tools on this service are out of sight. It is great for novices but had the features a veteran craves.

The features are all available right from the get go, even with your free trial.

You can track all the essentials: The open rate, best time to send your emails, desktop v. Mobile, bounce rates, clicked links, and so on.

You can send out a few versions of the same email if you like to see which one gets the most interest.

Just give them a try… you won’t regret it.

Get Innovative

This last portion will show you some creative ways you can build up that email list.

First, you understand as well as the rest of us that we are in the age of smartphones.

What better way to get your people signed up than using text-to-join capabilities? Using a mobile device, you can get people to sign up for your email list.

And yes, Constant Contact offers that service for you. Your click sends a text to a custom code that is unique to your specific business. You can create a sign to hang up around your business right on your account.

Another method is to collect via Wi-Fi. If you run a business that offers free Wi-Fi, you can use apps like Gazella Wi-Fi to collect emails from guests.

The guest will enter their email to use the Wi-Fi, and then be automatically signed up for your email list.

In the same vein as providing an incentive, you can also provide exclusive access to something your subscribers can’t find anyplace else.

You can create a list that will enable your subscribers to get your content before anybody else does.

You can promote your email list as the premier place to find out about all the latest announcements and new stuff from your business, channel or site.

Lastly, if you are the sort of business that owns a business that requires a membership form to be filled out, ask new recruits to put down their email address as part of their membership forms.

You can add this to your paper or electronic forms, or even pitch the idea to them face to face. It is a great way to keep interested members in the loop and up to date about what’s going on at your place of business, such as closings, sales, special deals or email members only offers.


Handling the growth of your email list is no easy feat.

But the use of a good email service like Constant Contact and a little bit of hard work and effort will get the list up and running in record time.

The main takeaway is to make sure you’re making it worthwhile, fun, and exciting for your subscribers.

After all, they already admire you and think your content is top notch. Offer them a little something extra, like a fun survey question about your content or an exclusive guide about something within your niche. Constant Contact and your diligence will really pay off.

Good luck! Rod

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