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Update: Groove Funnels

Great News! GROOVE FUNNELS Is Live and it is FREE!  Now and forever.

Note: If you Sign Up Now!
This is a Limited Time Offer but if you get in now it’s Free forever once you are in. You can upgrade anytime.

How they did that is by giving you limited funnels but enough to start a business and make some money.

Then later when you can afford it and need more funnels you can simply upgrade to a Pro account.

This is something I wished ClickFunnels would do but they didn’t, so Groove is the way to go now, baby. Groove-pages and Groove Funnels is a Free Alternative to Clickfunnels.

Now there is nothing stopping you/us from starting an online business. Also, they are adding more features in the near future.

I had to contact their support recently and they didn’t take too long at all to sort my problem out. So, I say they are a totally legit company.
Click this link to get the Free Version of Groove Funnels.

The article below is a little outdated on Groove Pages but worth a read.


Mike Filsaime and Co. Have ReInvented The Funnel Builder.

About time too! as the old builders are difficult to use and very expensive.

If you’re looking for a free sales funnel and you have tried Leadpages and Click Funnels etc. before and struggled with their builders which are built on old technology,  well you are going to love the simplicity of using this new page and site builder.

Groovepages is an online app perfect for beginners or people with little tech and design skills wanting to make web sites, sales pages, sales funnels using heaps of ready-made Templates and they have a feature for geeks and designers who want to tweak the templates further too.

Groove Pages app lets you build a page or a website or a funnel very quickly.

When you login the first thing you’ll notice is the list of the current websites that you have previously made.

On the left menu is where you click to go through your different apps, right now it’s just Groove pages and Groove sell.

Later there will be add-ons like…

  • Groove Mail
  • Groove Blog
  • Groove Video
  • Webinar Groove
  • Groove Membership
  • Groove Helpdesk
  • Groove Calendar

…and more, so get in early and lock in a good price as these platforms only cost more as the new features get added.

On the top-right menu is where you find your account info and it will show more options related to your site (once you are in a site) When you have a lot of websites it will be easy to find them using the advanced search. Search by Name, Creation Date etc.

To start a new website just click ‘new site’ Then you will see a Blank Template option or 3x Tabs for Pages, Sites and Funnels,
If you were looking to build a funnel you’d obviously click on the funnels Tab and choose from…

  • Webinar Funnels
  • Product Launch Funnels
  • Book Funnels
  • Tripwire Funnels
  • Landing Page Funnels
  • List Building Funnels

So you can imagine things like Health and Wellness or Real Estate or different types of niche websites. Fully built out like in the days of WordPress when you had an about page and contact page, Home pages and things like that.

On the Tab that says pages is where you’ll find your 1x page items like a 404-page and Optin page or Event page etc.

Tip: a 404 page is a really good page to promote a side sell with your Affiliate link, You will be surprised how much traffic ends up on a 404 page.

Steps to build a website from scratch with the Blank Template.
There’s a button for Expert mode and a drop-down menu to select which page you want to work on and of course a button to create a new page.

There are preview buttons so you can see how your site would look on a desktop, laptop, iPad or mobile phone.

So step one you Name Your Site and add your favicon Icon (favicons are the little icons that show up in your browser tab and when people bookmark your site it’s on their bookmarks.)

Next is a place to put code that shows up on all your web pages. Things like a Facebook pixel or Google Analytics code anything where you are told to put code in the header or the footer goes in here.

The next one is something called the Open Graph. A lot of people don’t use this they are not familiar with it.

Open Graph is something that you want when somebody drops in a link to your website on Facebook, Twitter or in a text message or on Chat, What’s app, iMessage, Skype anything like that.

Have you noticed when you drop a link in one of those social sites the site turns that link into what is known as rich text?

What it does is pull an image from your website and gives a description, now if you don’t put anything in there it’s just going to pull the first image off your site and blow it up and if that was a small image like your logo it might look pixelated.

It could show any image, probably one that you don’t necessarily want to represent your brand and it’s going to pull the first bit of text off your website and use all that as the preview.

So what you want to do is use this Open Graph option to control what shows up when your link is shared so you have something that looks good and looks more like a billboard or advertisement for your site or brand.

Tip: You can use to make free youtube size images to use here.

Bonus Tip: Chrome is the best browser to use with Groove just watch out you may get clashes with your other Chrome extensions if you have a lot of them. What you can do if that happens is go Chrome store and get an extension called ‘Disable Extensions Temporarily‘ and then you just click a button to disable extensions while you use the Groove builder then click the button to enable them again.

On the left menu is Blocks (the drag and drop elements)

  • Wire Frame = Black and White drag and drop elements that let you get the design right before worrying about colors for your site.
  • Premium = Colored premium elements that you drag and drop and you can change the colors to suit.
  • Elements = Timers, buttons, Price Boxes etc.
  • Pages = Selection of different page templates
  • Popups = Selection of different popups with placing and timer options

Groove pages is a powerful yet easy to use visual page, website and sales funnel design tool and is built with the philosophy of simplicity. We want to deliver a truly visual design experience that lets you design and create fully functional web pages, funnels and sites without having to write any code said, Mike.

Groove pages work on the concept of stacking predefined Block Sections. To build fully coded and hosted web pages really fast and easy. I found it to be very natural and intuitive to use.
Everything you need is premade for you. Just drag and drop and use the style editor to get the colours you want.

When you make multiple pages if you want to rearrange the order of how they appear on the menu you just drag tab much like the WordPress menu style. It’s very easy to do. To make a page Private like your download page you drag it further down to the area of the hidden pages. Freaken awesome for selling or giving away your own ebooks or other downloadable files.

When you create a few pages just choose which style menu you want and drag it onto the homepage and it instantly populates with all the pages you created that aren’t in the hidden section.

Another cool feature if you set up a button and you’ve got the colour and text etc. just the way you want it. Then you can save it as a style and reuse it easily every time you want another button of that style. Beats having to write colour codes like I used to do on other platforms.

I remember when Mike Filsaime the CEO first started making a name for himself online. It was decades ago now and he learned and did everything the hard way back then as we didn’t have the bandwidth and the technology to make cool apps with this much power. It is because Mike started as a marketer that he knows exactly what marketers want and need to start and run an online business.

I highly recommend Groove Pages and Groove Funnels. It’s a really good platform now and with what they have coming in the very near future it’s going to be a big, no! huge platform that everyone talks about.
Get in now before the add-ons get installed and the price goes up. Get Groovepages Now

Hope this review helped.

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