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Franklin Hatchett – eCom-elites

3 things I like about Franklin Hatchett and his eCom-elites is the straight down to earth no fluff training. The price for this course is fair and a lot cheaper than many other courses out there. The amount of information you get and what you can potentially earn from drop shipping. eCom-elites is well worth the current price of $197 USD

I found Frank to be a friendly and helpful guy. He is a successful online Coach & Marketer so recently I bought 2 of his training courses…

  1. Savage AffiliatesHow to do affiliate marketing.
  2. eCom ElitesHow to do drop shipping on Shopify.

Both courses offer a lot of info. Frank is active daily in the Facebook groups that go with each course.
In this post, I’ll focus on eCom-Elites the drop shipping course currently selling for $197-USD

What’s in the Course?

You get 11 modules: 1 is a welcome and introduction and the other 10 are training, bonus info and Q&A videos.
Each module has multiple videos covering everything from …

  • Finding products.
  • Setting up your store (NB: Frank has an exclusive Shopify theme that has a high conversion rate)
  • Facebook Traffic and Advertising.
  • Instagram Traffic.
  • Organic Traffic and SEO.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Business and Sales. (+ increasing sales)
  • A module of Secret tips and tricks not commonly known.
  • Q&A Video archive.

Frank is not some distant Guru rehashing the same old content either, he actually practices what he preaches.
Despite how busy he must be I found Frank to be relatively easy to contact as he spends a lot of time online doing the very things he teaches us to do.

Inside view Franklin Hatchett's Savage Affiliates Membership
Inside Savage Affiliates Membership
Inside view Franklin Hatchett's eCom-elites Membership
Inside eCom-elites Membership






Who is the training suited for?

eCom-elites is suitable for action takers. Those who are already working on drop shipping sites but need a Coach to get them to the next level.
Most people need a Coach more than another training course here you get both.

Don’t expect to be babied and handheld and have someone do the thinking for you though.
Frank is pretty busy running multiple sites and I am a member of 5 of his Facebook groups. There’s one for each membership site and one for One is for those interested CryptoCurrencies plus there is a new one for a free 5-day funnel course.

About Franklin Hatchett.

Frank also runs his own personal Shopify stores and affiliate websites as well as creating all these courses. Not bad I think for a relatively one-man business from a guy who’s last paid job was as a digger driver.
I have been following Frank for a while now and I found him to be a legit, straight-talking guy who is willing to help and he’s not impossible to get a response from like some trainers. Take a look at my about page and you can see my hard drive is filled with products from big name marketers. I think I’ve just about tried them all and I’ve found this eCom-elites course to be a quality course. The methods taught a relevant and current for today’s Drop Shippers.

The price is very affordable and eCom Elites offers a heap of content and videos it’s definitely one of the best drop shipping courses on the market right now. I can highly recommend it.

PS: If you are looking for my bonuses before you join through my link then you are in the wrong frame of mind to join eCom-elites. There are over 80 videos to watch in this course so any bonuses I could give you would just distract you from what should be your main goal. Running a successful drop shipping business from home.

PPS: Go ahead and join us at Franklin Hatchett’s eCom-elites family at this link and start drop shipping the right way.

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