ClickBank University 2.0 Review

ClickBank University 2.0 – 1st May 2018

My inbox just starting getting promotions for ClickBank University 2.0

ClickBank University 2.0 Review it has quite a compelling campaign as it uses the ClickBank Logo and is endorsed by ClickBank themselves as when I went to ClickBank’s website there was a popover that led me to ClickBank University 2.0 Video Sales page. That alone would make you think it’s a good program to join. But is it? That’s the big question. I would be tempted to buy version 2.0 if I hadn’t already tried the older version back in 2014, I remember being underwhelmed by it. The content was locked as I remember, so you had to stay a member for months to get past the basic stuff and get to the good stuff, so I left before I got to the good stuff.

I’ve read some reviews and it seems like they still lock the content. Sure it helps you from being swamped with info but most people actually know the beginning stuff we want the info that is locked away for a few months and we want it now.

It also seems to be a better fit for those that are new digital product creators or considering becoming a product creator. If you only want to be a CB (ClickBank) affiliate then there are better and even free resources online to teach you that part.

You could for example join Wealthy Affiliate they have a free start option and also there are 2 guys on YouTube from “Income School” that offer some good free advice plus many others out there.

So if you think this is a good fit for you and you decide to join what happens after you hand over your money?
Well according to the affiliate page it gets quite expensive as there are upsells and down sells as follows. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if they offer value. Which they seem to do with the page builder software upgrade although it is a bit pricey.

This current launch has a 50% discount to start, so it’s $23.50 USD to start then $47 per month until you quit. In New Zealand dollars that is $40 NZD to start and $75 NZD per month which is pretty steep and if the currency exchange rate changes which it often does then it can cost more, a lot more.

One of the upsells is quite expensive. If you watched the sales video he says it wont cost you hundreds of dollars but this upsell for ClickBank Builder is 2 times $297 USD or $594 total.  Looks like hundreds of dollars to me. True it is an upsell and it’s not necessarily needed and you could follow the course without it but they will sell you on how much easier it will be if you get this add-on.

If you say no to the builder they downsell you with a payment plan that costs you more in the long run as 7 payments of $97 works out to $679

Then we have an advanced training upsell for $97 dollars if you say no it’s followed by a downsell of 2 payments of $49 so If you bought everything at the upsell you would spend $417.50 then $47 per month until you quit.

Had you bought everything at the downsell level you would spend $217.50 up front but end up paying $800.50 dollars. The minimum is to say no and pay $23.50 at the front and $47 per month until you quit.

ClickBank’s brand is on the line so you would think after refining this course for a few years it should be quite good by now. It’s too rich for my blood plus I’m busy on other projects but if you do give it a go come back and let us know what the course is like in version 2.0

Cheers and best of luck

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