Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint Review

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I thought I’d make an Inbox Blueprint Review since I’m a member I can show you around inside.
In Anik’s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 I’m reminded of an old saying …

“Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”

The original Inbox blueprint was a method of teaching you to fish but gave you no fishing rod so to speak or any other gear to complete the task. Many people did learn to fish from that course but many more didn’t.

So in Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Anik Still teaches you to fish with modern methods but now he gives you a fishing rod and all the other tools you need.

A fishing rod is really just a tool that is part of all the tools needed to catch fish, well duh!. The type of fishing rod that Anik gives you is a drag and drop editor similar to Click funnels or Lead pages for making opt-in pages.

Now on your fishing rod, you need a hook with some bait and Anik gives you that as well in the form of another drag and drop editor for making your free offer PDF eBook and follow up emails.

Then you need somewhere to go fishing. Anik gives you that as well in the form of a place to buy traffic from a place called Clickonomy which is closing for new members in September 2018. But after that, you can use click perfect and don’t worry there are plenty of similar places you can use the same methods with and they teach you free traffic methods as well.

Then you need somewhere to put your fish or leads once caught. Anik gives you that as well with a free trial to an auto-responder which you can use to keep feeding your fish or staying in touch with your leads.

In short, every tool you need and all the info needed is inside Inbox blueprint. There is even a forum to ask questions should you have any.

Badge System

There is a badge system as well for achieving each step as you progress through the course. I got these 3 quickly the rest take a little work.


badge system


All the badges you can get are in this image below…


all inbox blueprint badges



Certificate of Achievement

Another cool thing was a small exam (that I passed) and I had a certificate sent to me here in New Zealand for passing. It’s a small thing but it’s kind of cool as that and the badge system help you measure your progress.inbox blueprint certificate

Here’s the first Opt-in Page I made in a matter of a few minutes with one of the tools inside Inbox Blueprint.

My first Opt-in page
If you’ve seen Lead Pages or Click Funnels you’ve seen the kind of editor that easily makes pages like this. Hook it up to your current auto-responder or get a deal on an auto-responder from Anik called Sendlane that you can use to capture emails and then send follow up emails to your list.

As well as badges you get points for completing tasks if you earn enough points you can get some of the other courses for free.

If you are a beginner at Internet Marketing who wants everything in one place and somewhere you can go to ask questions then Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint is for you.

It’s a little pricey up front for some people, especially me in New Zealand with the exchange rate always against me but the value lasts a lifetime. I highly recommend this membership course. I wish it was available when I first started Online.

Look! check IBBP out for yourself you won’t be disappointed. I might even catch up with you in the member’s forum they have inside.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

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