Hi, Rod from New Zealand here and welcome to my blog.

Over the years I’ve bought a heap of stuff online from eBooks to membership in various sites to physical products.

I’ve never tried reviewing what I’ve bought though.
Some of it has been crap and some of it has been good. I wish I had recorded all the stuff I have spent my hard earned money on.

So no time like the present huh? This is a blog of things I’ve bought and maybe a few things I have done a lot of research on and nearly bought but didn’t.

Here is a snap shot of my folders. This is the 3rd computer I’ve had that has ended up with a folder view full of digital products. I actually quite like buying them to be honest, if the sales pitch is good enough I can’t resist seeing what’s behind the pay wall. I like seeing if the product matches the sales pitch or if it was a lot of spin. Some people are really clever at sales pitch.

Fair warning though there are affiliate links on this site. That means if you click the link and buy that product it doesn’t cost you more but the vendor earns less as they pay me a small commission for my referral and that helps to keep the blog going.

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